No Lee, I haven’t had the pleasure. My crew was much smaller and I could spot a keeper rather quickly. I will ask my son about the Ghost OS on an MSC ship, He will probably either laugh and/or tell me a story. That does give me my first chuckle of the day. Thanks Lee, I believe in ghosts!

Completely agree with your comment. I give this counsel to many young graduates from maritime academies or new 3/M’s

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I also know a young man who I watched go from being a Cal Maritime grad to jumping onto MSC ships right away. Before I knew it, he was sailing as rotating C/M on a salvage tug out of Pearl Harbor. Before long he is was Master.

Hardly there long at all and now he is a permanent Civil Service employee and working as a Harbor Pilot at Pearl today. He is the stunning example of a meteoric rise working within the MSC fleet and using the system to your own advantage.

It can be done by anyone who is driven and a good work ethic.

Politics?? Not that I’m aware of. But that can be true anywhere, even the private sector.

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Nailed it Kapena. He is an example of driving hard, he was focused.

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… and it truly paid off for him.

When people complain about the “youth today” and how they’re not motivated, I stop and think of a few that I know that are NOT that way.

This guy, is the top of my “most admired” list.