NOAA GVA uniform?

I’m 6 days away from my physical, drug screen and fingerprinting in Norfolk VA for gva. Are there uniform requirements? Do we supply our own or does NOAA?

Likely things have changed but way back I worked in shorts and cheap running shoes. I picked up a GVA once in Seattle who wasn’t prepared for the cold so we dropped him off at the Salvation Army thrift store and he outfitted himself nicely. The uniformed people were NOAA Corps. Wage Marine such as GVA, AB, Chief Engineer are not NOAA Corp. When you go for your physical etc just ask them where you will likely be working and cloth yourself accordingly. Assume you will get dirty.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the information. I will definitely ask.

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No uniforms for wage mariners. There’s laundry on board that is accessible 24/7 except in some situations.

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Ok so that’s cool I’ll bring jeans and t shirts then like 4 of each that should be plenty

engineers are suppose to wear blue coveralls or similar. (it’s in the rules somewhere) This is so if you go over the side you can’t be seen. I had some, not all blue that I’d wear if climbing the fidley or something dirty.
The laundry is generally always available for engineers, not so much everyone else!!

Wait what ? I won’t be able to wash my clothes ? That doesn’t even make since I’ve never been on any ship where crew couldn’t use the laundry.

Kinda a joke, when eng. Has to limit water on board it’s usually available below!!

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Ohhh lol haha :joy:

Oh I know it’s dirty work I’ve done manual labor “ dirty work “ including on a number of ships such as line handling, winch operating, stripping waxing buffing decks, taking out garbage swabbing decks cleaning heads and painting etc. I’m not new to dirty work. I know it’s not glamorous work where I won’t get dirty.