NI website Recertification Problems

Is anyone trying to renew their DP certificate having problems with the website? For me it’s a total joke! Original received in 2001 their information on me after registering is wrong, I have a RED book and they say I have a blue book. I can’t upload any PDF documents, According to them after having 15 years DP experience for at least 240 days a year I don’t qualify without a REFRESHER course. What is the deal with this?? Money Grab in my opinion!

The whole system with NI is plain ridiculous. I absolutely can not wait to go to another organization. The sad part is that it could have been a good program for them to provide. Their own customer dis-service is what will in the end lose them their monopoly.

The new website does suck, but they don’t care. I spent $60 on the phone last year telling them their old website sucked.