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Mine just says AB Sail, nothing about “sail training vessel”. There is one US Flagged merchant sail vessel still operating. I can’t remember the name! It was recently featured on “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel. They sent Mike Rowe up the rigging to slush the wires and then made him crawl up the inside of the bowsprit to look for rust. It was a good episode, and they did some great camera work aloft.

The MMD says AB Sail but the STCW certificate says “sail training vesel”. I don’t remember if it is in the CFR or MSM but one of the two says that the only sail endorsement available for an AB is on a sial training vessel.

There’s nothing in the regulations about it, but if you can produce your old pay stubs the Coast Guard may be willing to give you at least partial and possibly full credit for your “lost” seatime. If this is combined with a letter from the master that you worked under then your chances get even better. The moral of the story? Always save every one of your pay stubs and make sure you get a complete and accurate letter of service whenever you leave the employ of any company, and consider getting notarized copies made as back up. Having to make up for “lost” seatime by working in a lower position, and the lower pay that goes with it, costs you exponentially more than the simple act of carefully documenting your service at every step along your career path. It’s also a good idea to make copies of the vessel’s certificates of documentation and inspection (if it’s an inspected vessel) as well. Good luck…

Thanks Capt. Jack.
The records (pay stubs) didn’t survive the divorce in 1990 and wouldn’t have demonstrated sea time anyway. Pay was predicated on tonnage of fish landed, not time away from the dock. The records would be better than nothing but I don’t have them so it’s a moot point. I may get them yet, but that remains to be seen.
Copies of the vessel’s documents would be great. I just didn’t have the forsight to make copies back then and she’s gone now. Who knew?
I’ll get it done. It’ll just take some effort. I’ve never been afraid of work. It’s what pays the bills and puts supper on the table. If it was fun it wouldn’t be called “work”.

My recent experience with NMC, West Virginia was First Class and fast.