Newbie question!

Headed to the GOM to go door knocking any advice!

please son…please tell me that you didn’t post this seriously? Tell me that you did it to see if I would detonate…you must tell me!

[B]the fuse is lit and only you can snuff it…[/B]

[B]do you have any idea at all of the horrific cataclysm that is awaiting us all if you don’t?[/B]

[B]for the Love of God man put it out before it reaches the powder![/B]

btw…that’s not a mountain blowing up in the photo


  1. Only enter unlocked doors.
  2. Do not knock. Enter unlocked door and go to receptionist.
  3. Check your ID so you know who you are.
    4, Check your MMC so you know what position you are qualified for.

It is really a shame the web designer did not put a box in the upper right hand corner where you could type words like “jobs” and hit a button that would take you to a list that would answer questions about jobs.

True but what about the gigantic forum header that says…>>>>>>>>MARITIME EMPLOYMENT<<<<<<<<<<

I knew that was comin lol

If you knew what was coming why would you start???

Click click BOOM!!!, CAPPY’s bout to blow





[QUOTE=saltwater84;75500]I knew that was comin lol[/QUOTE]

Thank God…it was getting so close I was almost paralyzed with fear!