New to the industry, looking for places to start in the engine room

Hello, I’m trying to find a good company that’s looking for wipers or entry level personnel. I am close to completing the requirements for my Oilers endorsement, but I want some more experience before I work as an oiler. Ive been researching quite a few places and would appreciate what peoples opinions are on different companies.
Ive been mainly considering MSC because of their wiper advancement program but i think i can find a better, less stressful route.

I guess what im asking is, whats the best way to advance past a wiper with as little stress as possible?

I would try the GOM Oilfield Companies. A lot of them pay for classes and or have their own schools. The hitches are only 4 weeks.

Not sure if this is a fit for you or not, but MSRC is looking for an oiler/assistant engineer in the Washington area.