New to maritime industry - pipeline questions

Hello all,

Thinking about a second career here… I have no experience in maritime industry, but have always been fascinated by it. I would love to eventually progress to 3rd mate unlimited, but I understand that I have to get my time in first. I have done a ton of research but still have some questions!

  1. Is there any way (obtaining a degree, apprenciship, etc) to shorten the time between entry level and AB, or AB and 3rd, or must I go OS - AB - 3rd? That will take many, many years… obviously if that’s what I have to do, then that’s that, but I would appreciate additional options. I do have a bachelor’s already, though not in science.

  2. In order to get a 3rd - unlimited (is that the same as oceans?), do I need to have an AB unlimited also? Do I need to work in oceans as an AB - and to get the AB unlimited, do I need to work in oceans as a OS? Or can I work in great lakes also?

  3. What is shipping season? Do most people work at certain times or seasons? Is it possible to just work as an OS/AB at certain times or for certain periods, e.g. summers, 3 months on, 3 months off, etc? Is it easy or standard to get gigs like that? And if so, do OS/AB usually stay with the same ship or company or ‘float’ around?

  4. Is it hard to get hired as an OS without experience, and what is pay like?

That’s all for now… thanks in advance!

Academy will get you to 3rd mate the fastest. And shipping season is 24/7/365. if you join a union you can work reliefs jobs when you want to work. However there isn’t always plenty of work to be picky.

Also normal hitches are 60 to 120 on and same off

Getting to 3rd mate Unlimited via the hawsepipe is a hassle these days. It’s certainly possible but you’re better off attending a 4 year academy and obtaining it that way, much faster and less headache.

Go the academy route. You come out of school with all the bells and whistles.
Hawsepiping, getting the seatime is the easy part assuming you get time on large enough vessels on sufficient routes. Dealing with and paying for all the classes, endorsements and such is much more of a bitch than if you just go the academy route.

Thanks - do you know of any that offer online courses, either B.S. or M.S.?

Lots of hands on training with academies. You won’t be able to obtain a license online

Hi buddy, did you shortlisted any to get the learning, if so would you mind sharing!

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