New Report on Russian GPS Spoofing

Russian GPS Spoofing



Using Automatic Identification System (AIS) ship location data collected at scale,
C4ADS identified 9,883 instances of GNSS spoofing that affected 1,311 commercial
vessels beginning in February 2016. The disruptions appear to have originated from
ten or more locations in Russia and Russian-controlled areas in Crimea and Syria.

bring back Loran

Annapolis reinstated celestial nav classes a few years ago after stopping them for a decade or so.

The ink was barely dry on shutting it down before the USCG dynamited the facilities for the US system.

Belligerent nation states is one thing, but what worries me is that since the advent of SDR based GPS spoofing, any script kiddie with a “sense of humor” can play with the ships in the bay.

Yeah, what’s up with that? Any good threads on here?

“He had the sort of robust sense of humor that would plant a grenade under your seat” – some book I read long ago.

I had heard that they did it specifically to make it impossible to resurrect. No idea how reliable that is.