The whole tellurian financial complement depends on GPS, and it's shockingly exposed to attack

The whole tellurian financial complement depends on GPS, and it’s shockingly exposed to attack

What creates a Global Positioning System so crucial, then, isn’t in fact a “positioning” part; it’s a ability to make machines all over a world determine on accurately what time it is.

The vulnerability of GPS is known to many mariners but GPS timing is more widely used then many realize.

The English seems a little off in the linked article but it’s still good.

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The whole GPS system is more vulnerable than even mariners realize. Here’s an interesting article the head of Google’s AIS wrote after a discussion we recently had on this very subject:

The main take away is that while the GPS satellite constilation is more or less standardized every equipment manufacturer interprets and uses the data it provides in different ways. The standardization of the signal and the one way nature of it gives hackers a way to test their systems without the chance of getting caught. And the lack of standards on the receiving end makes patching a hack (or even doing basic pre-attack risk assesment) very difficult.

It’s completely infuriating that the USCG destroyed their Loran-C stations at a time when it was already obvious the GPS with its tiny signal was easily jammed.

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I agree 100% but I’ve been told by a man in the know that while the uscg took the blame publicity supported that act they were privately fighting to keep the stations alive.

When it happened gCaptain put itself into the thick of it. What suprised me the most at the time was the ignorance and total lack of interest from the tech sector. Apple and Google had just spent a gazillion dollars strong arming the fcc over the old analogue TV bandwidth but did not write a single letter in support of a positioning redundancy despite the fact that their annual reports mentioned the the importance of GPS and location based services many many times.

I was writing for Forbes and speaking at some tech conferences at the time and tried soliciting support for loran-c but it was like yelling jnto a vacuum.

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Have you heard any more about the new Loran that was talked about 4-6 month ago