New Maritime Instagram Account Goes for the jugular

Anyone else see this new instagram account maritime legal aid Society.

They seem to taking a flamethrower to some really hihh level matitime guys like Capt Naubaeur, uscg of El Faro Infamy, Alfultis and Hanft at SuNy MaritiE, and TONS of dirt on jack buono usmma. Plus nazis stories and dildos and more.

It seems to be run by a kp guy named Ryan Melogy who says he was harassed by on a Maersk ship.

What’s his end game?

I am seeing a bunch of new maritime “meme” pages that seem to be super progressive and trying to save the world. Call me crazy or a bigot or whatever else you want to call me but I miss the “old days” , and trust me, it hasn’t even been that long for me. Only 10 years sailing but it seems like it’s changing really quickly with this generation.

Makes me glad I do not have an instagram account.


I read through it some.

Anybody here doubt that what those women are saying actually happened? I sure don’t. It’s sad but every single one of the events described likely happened exactly as reported. Seen too much out here to think otherwise.


Love the account. Think the guy is doing awesome work, and especially respect that he’s not doing it anonymously which I think adds some credibility to it. He’s not holding back on lighting anyone up, which I think is a good thing.

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Yeahhhh this ain’t it, chief.

God forbid we try and make the industry a better place.

I imagine the end game is get to shitty people out of the industry and make sailing a better experience

I think his idea is a good one, but I think the way he’s going about it might not be the best. Telling everybody to fuck off isn’t going to accomplish a lot.

The same for long-winded screeds, you start sounding like the shopping cart guy bellowing at no one in particular. Readers are going to lose attention and stop reading. Keep it short and to the point. If details are needed, include them in links or attachments.

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Exactly. I was interested and heart broken at a lot of the stories he shared from victims, but now that he’s calling out anybody he can, I’m rapidly losing interest.

I just don’t see any other tactic accomplishing anything, though. If you read all the stories where people HAVE reported it doesn’t go very far, and it leaves people feeling helpless. If this guy can get enough attention and call out the enablers by name then maybe there will be some positive change.

Maybe, and I hope so. But it’s sounding more and more like he’s just grinding his own axe.

I think I’m just open to anything that’s going to make some waves, because when you’ve reported everything and done what you’re “supposed to” as the company manual says and nothing changes, what else are you supposed to do? There needs to be a change and this guy is at least doing something.

I agree, he probably has his own axe to grind. But everyone has their own agenda one way or another. Seems like he has nothing to lose considering he’s been kicked out of MMP as a chief mate. So to me, it looks like he’s not worried about retribution from the industry which gives him more power than a junior officer who’s dealt with abuse/misconduct from people who have been sailing longer/with better connections.

I think he is naming and shaming people, but won’t that open him up to claims of libel if there is no evidence to backup these claims?

Anyone could invent accusations without proof to tarnish the name of someone they don’t like.

Seems like he’s got plenty of stories behind his accusations from people who write to him

In the post where he is holding a carton of cigarettes he says he got groped by someone and he names them, without proof couldn’t that be libelous?

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There’s also the statement from somebody else that his claim against MMP was deemed to be false.

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Obviously I don’t know what’s true and what’s false with stories I am not involved in. But as another poster said earlier, after reading any of the posts do you honestly doubt that any of those things happened? Like are any of them things you haven’t heard or seen before in this industry?

I’m not saying this is the perfect way to do it. But what other way has gotten this much attention, this quickly?

It’s not going to get the attention of anyone in the Federal gov’t, including the USCG and MARAD. Instagram and most social media sites are blocked on Government networks.

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They (government agencies) have their own Instagram accounts?

Even so, if you get word spread throughout the industry about these shitty people, maybe they don’t get hired anymore