New Commercial Salmon Fishing Book

For those looking for some commercial fishing reading that supports the industry, this may interest you.

I recently published a book titled “Fifteen Seasons” about the commercial salmon trolling fishery from a dory boat along the Central Oregon coast from 1977-1991. Fifteen Seasons also chronicles the bond between my late father, the culture of the Newport and Florence, Oregon bay fronts, and the unique personalities in the small-boat fishery. Each chapter contains a unique tie-in to popular music of the times and the connection it has to certain events. Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think might enjoy reading it.

Fifteen Seasons has strong reviews on Amazon and has been featured in several media publications. If interested, I’ve posted a link to the book’s Amazon site.

Fifteen Seasons on Amazon
Terry Evers Author Page

Thank you!
Fifteen Seasons cover Amazon