New Bow Designs?

What gives with these new bow designs? They’re not X-bows or Axe-bows but very similar. Ferus-Smit in Leer, Germany has been building a lot of them and has several more on order. If some of these pictures were in black in white you’d have no idea they were modern ships. The bow of the Arklow Bank (pictured below) strikes an interesting resemblance to Albert Ballin’s big trio (Berengaria, Majestic, Leviathan, ex. Imperator, Bismarck, Vaterland).

Those are very plumb bows. Were they designed to be used on a route with a lot of locks?

[QUOTE=water;126636]Those are very plumb bows. Were they designed to be used on a route with a lot of locks?[/QUOTE]

Ah yes, PLUMB. Now that you say it I did know that, I just couldn’t think of it. I really couldn’t say if they were built for use in locks or not but I do see your point there. I know there’s a lot of locks in Europe with all the canals, etc. that they have, but these suckers look too big for most of the locks I’ve heard of 'round them parts.

Sharper lines and less flare results in lower resistance, less speed loss due to waves as well as smoother sailing due to lack of flare.

edit: I don’t really see those bows as “plumb”. Even the shipyard calls them “sharp”…

Plumb refers to angle of the bow off the vertical. Sharp refers to how pointy the bow is. These can be plumb and sharp. Also I’m always a fan of reserve buoyancy.

Thank you for the clarification.

Damen is building a bunch of sharp, plumb bow crew / supply boats. Some of them are turning up in Mexico. They look really sharp.

Here’s one working a platform in Mexico.

Look like a hearty workboat. Don’t look like a ton of buoyancy for bobbing around in a big sea, looks like you’d have to be really steaming to benefit.