New and Need Terminology Help


I’m not sure where I need to be posting my questions, but I’ve Googled until I’m blue in the face. I work in the legal industry, court reporting side of it, and I have to find correct spellings of terminology. Well, this particular deposition has loads of tugboat terminology – might even be terminology for other boats as well, but the main thing they’re discussing is a tugboat – and I’m having a hard time confirming the correct spellings of this stuff.

Would someone be kind enough to tell me where to find a reputable site for spellings so that I can find out about Kort nozzles, Azipods, 2:00 paddies, pod assembly, etc. Some of these I know I’ve got right, like Kort nozzle and Azipod. However, 2:00 paddies is something I can’t find, and the pod assembly, I can’t tell if that’s POD or pod or what.

I would appreciate any help possible. Thank you so much!

Never mind. Thanks anyway. I found help elsewhere. Have a great day!