New Admission Deadlines & Criteria

SUNY Maritime has been overrun with candidates/applications due to using the common application. They have changed their admission policies and are now encouraging those really interested to apply for EARLY DECISION by November 1. This is a binding decision if you are accepted within 3 weeks the deadline. If you want to go to Schulyer, note that “Maritime has seen its applicant pool grow to over 2,000 applicants for a freshman class of 350. Our average accepted GPA has risen to a 90 and 1100 on the SAT (Math and Critical Reading).” Applications have been accepted since August 1. Regular admission deadline is January 31.

For further info, go to [
Tuition and fees - note the difference between in-state, region and out of region. There used to be no difference for those regional students, but now there is. Regional Students are from ALABAMA, CONNECTICUT, DELEARE, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, MARYLAND, NEW JERSEY, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, RHODE ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINE, VIRGINIA AND WASHINGTON DC](

Congratulations to the incoming class of 2015 whose washed out Indoc Graduation will be this Saturday, 9/10 on the very soggy football field.