NEO scheduling

How exactly does NEO work for different jobs, (for example I was medically cleared for ET last Thursday, but they haven’t called me yet to schedule NEO)?

I am currently in MN crashing at my parents if location means anything for them.

Once you are fit for hire, NEO personal will call to schedule your start date. My phone call was two weeks after I was cleared FFD. I am scheduled for Jan 3rd and I was told by MSC that it was the next available class. I’m going in as an AB and can’t say I know if ETs or any licensed positions go to class with those sailing before the mast.

You can always ask the CIVMAR support center, depending on who answers your conversation will be either 10 seconds or very infomitive. You can also try the MSC facebook site although it seems to be filled with comments and answers from people who don’t know port from starboard. If you direct your question to MSC you should receive a decent response.

Hope that helps…