Msc NEO questions

Just curious if anyone has went through NEO recently. Just looking at what kind of timeline there is from when you start NEO till you enter the pool. I leave for NEO this week coming up, wondering how long it will be till i am ready to start working on a boat. Also I was hired for entry level.

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I’m not recent, but when I went in 2005 it was just shy of three months from start to the hiring pool. I doubt much has changed, if anything more courses are probably required now. You still get a paycheck for attending class.

It all depends on what position you’re being hired into, and what they decide you need for training.

I was hired for SU, but I am supposed to be switched to the wiper position.

I wonder how long it will take to ship out as a wiper. This is something I would like to know.

The last numbers I saw ( early October) showed manning was at 200% for Wipers, 111% for SU’s, 160% for OS’s.

With twice as many wipers as are needed, don’t hold your breath on switching over real soon. It does happen, but lately I’ve seen placement deny requests more than approve. They have been sending extra Wipers and OS’s to ships, to get them out of the pool and on ships sooner. I have no info on how long people are sitting in the pool waiting.

SU’s generally have the fewest classes to take after NEO, and can be shipped out sooner.