NEO/Pool in Virginia

I accepted Supply Utility for MSC.

Exactly a month from today, I will be flying to Norfolk to get started with my new career! What all can I expect to go through and how much will I get paid during those few weeks?

First let me preface this is how I understand it.

1.Ok since you are flying to Norfolk then you definitely don’t live within 50 mile radius I assume ?

  1. You check into the msc contract hotel

  2. Once day one of orientation starts you are getting base pay.

  3. Since you don’t live within 50 miles you will get s&q money which usually starts after the first week and I believe it’s tax free money at least if memory serves me right. It’s roughly $260 a week and that’s besides the hotel msc pays for. So you can use that for food etc…

  4. After about 5 days of neo you will get sent to training which last about 4 to 6 weeks it includes all the coast guard required basic training plus what msc wants you to learn. You will get paid basic pay through this whole time and get your s&q and msc paid for hotel they also provide transportation to and from school which is an 8 hour day.

6 after training you should get a ship assignment where on ship you will get base pay plus lots of overtime most of the time you will be offered lots of ot.

  1. If you don’t get a ship immediately after training you will go to the pool and get only base pay but you probably won’t wait long.

8 congratulations and good luck!

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Thankyou so much for replying!! I’m extremely excited!!

You’re welcome I’m glad you’re excited I love this life im trying to get back as an su as well. I just applied this past Sunday so probably a ways before I hear anything.