How does MSC's Pool Work?

So I’m in the process of being hired by MSC and I’m a little confused as to how their pool system works. I’ve heard from conflicting sources about the pool, that you can check into it when you get back and then wait till a billet comes up for you to take. But does that mean you can just wait indefinitely in the pool for more vacation time? Do they still pay you while you’re in the pool, since they said they start paying you as soon as NEO starts? Do you have to check back into the pool immediately when you get back or can you wait until you’re ready for your next assignment before checking in and going out again?

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Once you’re hired, you’re a government employee getting payroll checks until you quit or get fired. You’re either on a ship, on vacation or in the pool. Historically, in the pool, your duty is to report daily until dispatched. Because of the pandemic, the pool model has probably changed and a current employee in the pool can provide that answer.


When you’re in the pool do you have to remain in a specific area or can you just report in remotely everyday? From what I’m hearing it sounds like they throw you in a hotel or accommodations and then just keep you there till a billet opens up.

The last time I was in the pool, MSC provided a shuttle service from the motel to the pool in the morning and took you back at the end of the day. You could drive yourself if you had a personal vehicle or carpool with someone who did. Either way you had to stay there all day in case you were dispatched to a ship. As to the current situation with social distancing and all, @DeckApe probably knows.

There’s a bus that leaves to the pool every morning and brings you back in the afternoon. It’s very boring to sit in the pool, but it is a free paycheck. Now we call in every day instead of sit at the pool. You won’t be in pool for a couple months after your NEO. The training pipeline for ABs is about 2 months. New training center in Newport is good, old one in NJ is okay. Training is generally pretty good and some of the classes are fun.

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What is the training and classes like? What does it consist of?

I went through training in NJ. Why is Newport better other than not being in NJ? Which Newport?

I did all my training other than a couple classes in NJ as well. The quality of training is probably better in NJ because they’ve been doing it a long time. I was talking about the facility. Newport News, VA is a much nicer facility, although the hotel in NJ got upgraded.

There was a sprawling two story motel in NJ they put us in that had hookers and dope dealers running through the hallways and partying at all hours.

You said the pipeline for new hires is roughly 2 months. Does that mean after NEO is done they have you sit around for 2 months until putting you on a ship? I hope they at least pay you the whole time.

I know they pay you during NEO, I want to know exactly how long the average wait time is between completing NEO and getting a billet. I know they don’t have that on the site.

NO I mean AFTER training, you don’t need to get condescending. Its 3-6 weeks of training, then how long typically after that until you get a billet? Or is this just a miscommunication and the 3-6 weeks of training comes after NEO.

2 months of training after NEO then the pool. You get paid the whole time. ABs generally go out fast. But with corona who knows. It could be a while but you will always get your base salary and 266 a week for food.

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