Civmars, civmars

I need some advice from you CIVMARS.*

Okay, so I’m getting hired on with MSC as OSAP.*
It’s been two months already and I’ve gone through all the steps: security clearance, medical, etc. My medical is waiting to be cleared by the MRO which takes about two weeks apparently.*

My question is:
How long does it usually take after they’ve cleared you before they send you to NEO? I’ve heard some horror stories about them putting you on the backburner for months. When can I expect to hear something? No one at CSC will give me any answers. I’m asking because if it’s going to be months, I’d like to go to Alaska and do some longlining rather than just sit on my thumbs at home waiting for a phonecall. Bad idea? How long of a window do they give you to show up for classes? Is it like a “be in Norfolk tomorrow 0800” kind of deal? I’m getting a little restless.*

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also: Do your boots have to be black? What should I bring other than the common sense stuff?*

Never mind. Got the call today. Anchors aweigh.