Need some drawings (and photos if possible) for Container Ships

I work for a simulation company and in need of ship drawings and photographs so we can make detailed 3D Visual Models. Specifically I need a Super-post Panamax (22 cans wide), Post Panamax (16 cans wide), and Panamax (10 cans wide). Actual CAD drawings would be best but if high resolution PDF’s may be acceptable. I only need side, end, top, and cross-section. I don’t need electrical, engine, or mechanical information. I do need deck and hold configuration info (at least for three representative locations along the length of the vessels.)

Ideally, we would like high resolution pictures that match the ship or class of ship in each of the drawing sets.

I realize that this info may be proprietary and we are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements if necessary.

Can anyone help me out or point me in a direction that I should go?

Kindest Regards,