Need Information on North Sea ERRVs

Dear All,
I’m a research analyst currently working on North Sea ERRVs market. I’m looking for information on ERVV supply -demand for North Sea, day rates, utilization rates, purchase price and current trends .
Any information provided on the topic or mentioning of relevant sources are highly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

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Lokesh Kumar

It is ERRV - so we’ll give you that. The rest you have to pay for

I’m retired so I can give you a free advise; contact these people:
You can read their North Sea market report for free.

Or any of these:

Thank you for the info.
I already checked them, nothing related to ERRV data is available.

Once again thank you for your interest in supporting.

Thank you for the correction :).

Please send me your contact details and your quote for the info on

Kind regards,
Lokesh Kumar

You’ll need to contact them, not just look at the websites. They all have a lot of info on ERRVs and any other category of Offshore vessels, the market situation and outlook for them.
If you manage to make it look like you could be a valued future customer, they may even throw you some slivers of inside information for free. (Old trick of the trade as a Marine Consultant and Business Researcher)