Need info on what to do to start and become a Tug Captain

Hello shipmates, I’m posting here because i need so info to start this new career. I’m currently serving in the U.S. Coast Guard and i will come up in my 12 years of service in 2015. Long story short, i wanna become a Tug Boat Captain. I have done over 5 year out at sea in the 378 ft cutters and the rest of my career in the small boats doing mostly Search and Rescue near the coast. i already request my T.O.S.S. report, but that’s as far as i got. What is the next step into preparing myself for the future? What do i need and how i get my Able Seaman stuff. I also have a Captain ( 6 pack) with a 100 ton towing endorsement. Any help will be greatly appreciated!