Need 3rd Mate study software

I currently hold a 1600 ton masters oceans-master of tow. I am upgrading to 3rd mate. Yes, i have heard the happy news that i must retest. My question is this, is there anyone out there that can tell me who sells or produces the software that generates the USCG question and hilights the answer in green for you? i used it when studying for the 1600. This was a great study tool because you could read the question and answer. After a few times doing it this way, the info stuck. i have captain joes, hawsepipe, mariner advancement. None of these do this function. Help please…laura

Take a look at lapware, it uses the test module information to populate your tests. When you get the question right, it is in green…wrong and your answer is red w/ the correct answer in green. Maybe thats the program you used?