Nav Problem Explanation

I’m studying Nav General and have forgotten how to solve these types of problems (using Trig). Could someone give me a brief explanation?
You are underway on course 017 degrees T at a speed of 14.2 knots. You sight a buoy bearing 025 degrees T at a radar range of of 3.7 miles at 1947. If you change course at 1953, what is the course to steer to leave the buoy abeam to starboard at 0.1 mile?

Bust out a plotting sheet.

Like tamugly said, break out a universal plotting sheet. First plot your true course & speed. Then the range & bearing of the bouy. There should be some fairly straightforward instructions in your Nav Gen book.

Don’t use a plotting sheet use a radar maneuvering board - much easier to use. Just plot it out from the center and it should be pretty simple.

Always guess C

Ya there’s the special case bearing rules which to me, are kind of a pain to remember, and then there’s the maneuvering board… You can also use the law of SINs to solve these…

Universal plotting sheet… Plot your time down your course line, then turn for the required CPA at the required time … Walk that to the center, drawing your new course line through the outer edge…

Thanks for the help.