Nautical Institute online dp unlimited application problems?

I am on the Nautical institutes website and I see now that all applications have to be done over the internet now? I have completed my 60 days to get my DP unlimited and am trying to sign up to do it and it through there website and am getting denied with a invalid username which is just my first and last name correct? I am inputing it exactly as it says on my license but doesnt seem to be the correct data? Anyone have any suggestions? Also does anyone have there turn around time recently since they switched to online applications?

Actually your login is your last name and a password is the number they mailed you back when you applied the first time.

What if there is more than one person with your last name, could cause a problem, eh?

As with many things, the NI hasn’t thought that through just yet…

Use your last name only. The password is specific to your email so as long as no one with your last name has your same E-mail …its all good…

Anyone know how to retrieve the password without calling these clowns I am away from home and can’t remember the number that was sent to me?