Nautical Institute gets new President

Nautical Institute has a new President:

They should instead focus on reducing the costs of DP training/ certification. And on how to help increase mariner wages.

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NI isn’t only about DP training/certification, although that is maybe what they are most know for.

NI doesn’t control what is charged by various DP training establishment around the world, nor are they involved in negotiating wages and conditions for seafarers.

Here is a link to NI’s web page for those who wants to know more about what they do and don’t do:

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I know that, but they ought to advocate for lower costs. Or at least not charge so much to process applications.

they have been leading the world in slowest and crappiest service for years… nowhere to go but up. i have been 7 months back and forth with them over a simple renewal…

Agree. The NI’s “service“ is abominable. So abominable, that it’s makes the horrible USCG NMC “service” look stellar. I don’t know how the NI retains membership.


The NI probably erroneously thinks that unions and oil companies pay for everything, so cost doesn’t matter.

The bureaucrats at the NI are far far out of touch with reality.


well until recently they were the only option for DP certificates i believe… thats changing now with the new American group, but they dont have much of a following yet. when i get my new DPO ticket i will be getting a new ticket with the American group as well… hopfully in 5 more years i wont have to waste any more time with the NI.

Ian Giddings, ex IMCA advisor and long time experienced DPO/DP Instructor (now retired) has some thought on the way DP Training is conducted:

PS> It used to be that the employer paid for DP Training and certificate for deck officers.
Not sure if this still applies and if it ever was the case in the US. (??)

A lot of employers paid for extra/required training in the past. For many, that is not in the budget now. Tough times all around. Hawespipers are particularly affected unless they have deep pockets.

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the american group was invented to allow time on non DP classed vessels of which exist ‘only in amercia’ where someone would hire a non classed vessel.

When push came to shove a USA based DP supplier had to admit they were shipping non classed systems.