Name this position

Captain of the pilot boat…

Coxswain …


if it was Anchorman’s command then it would be “ADMIRAL”

Hey You. Really!!

Is it something you need to be well qualified for?

[QUOTE=Dillard88;44912]Is it something you need to be well qualified for?[/QUOTE]

Nahhhh. It’s way over complicated. While traveling at between 6 and 10 knots You just SLAM into the side of the: Ship, Barge, Tug or dock. You just pull away from the suction of the aft counter, the barge notch turbulence, the rolling and pitching, the wind and then go home. No problems mate! Easy as pie! Sometimes it’s not as easy or as simple as it looks!

Slam to hard and you’ll be looking for a new job.

Having done some pilot boat work before it is NEVER as easy as it looks.

I think they are called Flunkies.

I’m assuming it’s not an entry level job? What kind of pay, locations, benefits…etc can be expected??

It depends.
There is no set answer.
Recently the pilot boat crews in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands caused quite a stir when they participated in an unsanctioned job action wherein they all got sick and were unavailable to drive the pilots out to the waiting cruise-ships waiting to berth for the day and disgorge sunburned tourists. Local merchants were more than a little pissed.

There might be some coxswain positions opening up there if they fire the guys who went “sick”