Mystery ship capsized off Trinidad & Tobago

This one maybe?:

More detailed info about the incident:

Identifing the origin of the oil MAY held to solve the mystery:

Update: Not Gulfstream (IMO # 7381544)
That one was broken up in China, 2002: skipshistorie

Still a mystery:

Maybe she was adrift for a while after parting the tow.

Officials also said they have identified the vessel as the “the Gulfstream” – citing divers that spotted the name on the side of the craft that reportedly caused the spill, without elaborating further.

The government said it will continue researching the vessel’s owner and operator, and whether the leak came from its bunker deposit. Reuters found at least three ships with similar names, and all their transponders were offline, LSEG vessel monitoring data showed.

Mytery solved, at least partially:

Lots more info (speculations??):

Assuming Marlin/Gulfstream is correct ID:

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What goes south will come back north in some form. (at least in this case)

But the info on the tug and barge is still confusing:
The tug with IMO 7505994 appears to be either the Solo Creed (as mentioned and appears logical from last reported position):

Or the Ranger (as shown on X):

But there appears to be more tugs with the same IMO no. Here is one more:

PS> How is that possible? The IMO No. is supposed to be unique to a vessel and not change with ownership/registration.

The IMO no. given for tanker barge Gulfstram 7734143 brings up this tug:

What they all have in common is the year of build; 1976 (although not the same building yard).

The local report from yesterday:

If it is indeed a barge, where is its tug? Where is the Marlin? How did they get separated?

"Y’all seen a lil’ ol’ tug arond some’er??

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Here’s the article linked at the Twitter post.

Tobago Oil Spill Tug “Solo Creed” Belonged to Panamanian Firm With History of Moving Venezuelan Oil

The tugboat behind an ongoing oil spill off the Tobago coast, which has spiralled into a regional environmental crisis, belonged to a director at a network of Panamanian companies with a history of transporting oil from Venezuela, according to documents unearthed by Bellingcat and the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian that have been validated by the Zanzibar Maritime Authority.

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