MV Quingdao Loss of Power near Verrazano Bridge


It actually lost power in the Kills just off IMTT Bayonne, I saw the whole thing.

Edit- they lost power in the Kills, they stopped the ship with 3 tugs then got power restored and proceeded under their own power but kept the tugs and anchored in Stapleton. There was definitely a centerlead aft tug.


Good to hear, thats why Moran and McAllister has the fleet in NY Harbor that they do. The kills are no joke in the least with ships being the size they are nowadays, and there are more than enough hard earned lessons in those waters to keep the need present in everyones mind.

Also, good to see the NY Post is still the trash rag it always was, albeit with extra ragebait nonsense now. It was/has/always will be the National Enquirer with a sports section


The Post may not be your favorite, but looks like their reporting came from a post someone put on “X” so maybe that guy could get some more info before shooting info out there…

Ship Particulars / IMO 9461893


Name: APL QINGDAO (effective 2012-05)
IMO Number: IMO 9461893
Flag: Liberia (effective 2019-12)

Malta (effective 2019-12)
Liberia (effective 2016-11)
Singapore (effective 2016-11)
Singapore (effective 2012-05)
Call sign: 9HA5178
MMSI: 215558000
Ship UN Sanction: Not on list
Owning/operating entity under UN Sanction: Not on list


Type: Container Ship (Fully Cellular) (effective 2012-05)
Date of build: 2012-05
Gross tonnage: 113,735


Registered owner: CMA CGM SA The French Line (effective 2021-12-14)
IMO Company Number 0194433
Nationality of registration France
Address 4, quai d’Arenc, 13002 Marseille, France.
Company status Active

Source : Gisis

Equasis - ShipInfo quingdao.pdf (280.1 KB)

Equasis - Ship Inspection Quingdao.pdf (367.0 KB)

Equasis - Ship History Quingdao.pdf (205.0 KB)

APL Quingdao versus M/V Dali
|DWT (Mt) 125307 ###### 116,851
LOA/Lpp (m) 354/349 #### 299.92 m (984 ft)
B(m) 46 ###### 48.2 m (158 ft 2 inch
TEU: 10,106 ############### 9971

To me it looks more a mismatch between the short writwup and the headline. John’s X post doesn’t say where the loss of propulsion happened, the “article” or whatever specifically says the KVK, and the headline says near the Verrazano.

When in doubt in modern journalism, pick the most audacious thing in the general vicinity of the happenstance and you’ve got a story! :roll_eyes:


Short version - tugboats saved the day.
More tugs for Baltimore says I.


Don’t need more. Just need the ones that are already there to work another 20 minutes.


A more detailed and “nautical” article about the incident:


Not to be “That” guy, Well actually yes to be that guy.

But having spent the majority of my career on Harbor Tugs, The amount of times the Ship we were escorting had some sort of Engine Issue and required us to shove it along side a dock or quickly come and catch it would likely frighten the average Joe.

This incident looked like the Tugboats were ready to go as they should have been.

I do wonder after Baltimore though, if Ports through the US are going to have a rule change on Escorts Tugs.


I would think so, but every port is different and unique, right? For example, in LA/LB, two different bridges and the SOP for inbound ships already have assist tugs with lines up before they are anywhere near the bridges, and while outbound the tugs don’t take their lines in till they are well past the bridges.

San Francisco Bay, only laden tankers get a tug near the golden gate. Containerships going to oakland don’t get a tug till they are at the bay bridge. I can see a lot of changes with SF bay’s SOP.


Don’t be that guy.

The amount of times ships Go in and out of port with no issues is just innumerable.

You do know what the APL in front of the name stands for don’t you

APL is just CMA-CGM rebadged Like Chevrolet and GMC.


You have and excellent and lovely nickname


Super!!! original !!!I love it .

Unless it has changed tugs, usually 2 meet the ship just on the conn hook range, the entrance to the kills. One main reason they join there is they bring the docking master, who is a tug guy and works for the tug company. He takes over for the sandy hook pilot there.

Transits down the kills are at pretty slow speeds in general. 5-7 kts and the tugs follow you to the berth