MSC Training?

Do they make you jump in the pool again? I know it’s mainly firefighting and such but man was it tough pulling yourself into the raft.

It’s gonna also be tough to save your own life one day if you ever find yourself in the water…


Getting into your gumby suit quickly is also part of the curriculum. " Marine Electric" advanced that requirement. Glad I never had to use one, but made sure everyone had one that fit and knew how to get into it rather quickly.

There’s a few pages in Until the Sea Shall Free Them describing the Chief Mate of the Marine Electric struggling to get into the liferaft.

Being first in is more difficult than subsequent. After the first someone is in the raft to help pull the others up. Worked that way in the pool anyway, presumably at sea as well.

JD and KC, true on both posts. Have done it in the pool a few times, Even under sunny Florida skies and no waves it is quite a task. As I said before, thankful I/we did not have to go through any of that. The gumbys give us a shot at getting recovered dead or alive. Preferably alive. I filmed a drill once for my wife to remind her to not stop looking for us if something bad was to happen. We have a shot if it is not sudden and have a chance to get off.

I told my wife to stop looking and instead hire a lawyer to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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My first chuckle of the day!