MSC takes over NavSta Norfolk

Wow…look at all those MSC stacks at NOB! Things really are slowing down for our military. Time to lay up an AOE or two!

I hope I don’t get RIF’d!

Time to start paying your union dues! ( Unlicensed don’t have too though, their union does nothing for them, just steals their hard earned money & then puts a picture of a CIVMAR ship on the cover of their union rag to make them feel good )

You don’t have to worry about a RIF, can’t man the ships now and as per the norm Msc cannot retain employees.

Union dues do nothing to retain your employment anyway. ( lic or unlic).

I think what you are seeing with all the Msc stacks in port is the normal holiday season slow down. The USN is not going to be at sea during Christmas and new years. The USN being sea going office types these days are certainly not going to ask that of their " office workers". No, the kids will all drive around the base in their $60,000 cars and play computer games at the Waterfront and other over priced installations made for them.

[QUOTE=Xmsccapt(ret);59570] Union dues do nothing to retain your employment anyway. ( lic or unlic). [/QUOTE]

In recent years I’ve heard stories about guys being let go for bad credit and other security issues but I’ve personally never seen anybody get fired from MSC. This is not to say it hasn’t happened, just I’ve never seen it. Most infractions are dealt with using a combination of wrist slaps and “triple secret probation” measures. The union does step in occasionally on people’s behalf, but I believe that more often than not MSC chooses the path of least resistance and just allows a bad mariner to stay on because they don’t want to deal with it. It might be it’s way of contributing to the paperwork reduction act.

Msc won’t fire you for bad bad credit. The agencies that do the back ground investigations will take your security clearance due to bad credit and I have seen it happen many times. In that case Msc will not step in and do anything for the mariner. Also in that case there is nothing the union can do. What as been done in the past is the ships master steps in and assist the mariner, often writing a letter of support for him or her but at times even then nothing can be done. It’s simply some second class USN petty officer ( I stress petty) that has total control over your employment future. I once had to explain to a bosn that yes, even though he was divorced he had to pay for bis wife’s shopping spree as she rang up the bill while they were marred. Fair? Nope, but he paid so he could keep his job.

If u lose ur clearance u lose ur job. It’s that simple…