MSC Open House

Has anyone been to a MSC open house. There is one coming up in Mobile and I didn’t know if it is worth stopping in

I have. It’s standard job fair stuff, you can learn/do as much via the MSC website, IMO.

I concur with Jeff. I went to one in Oakland last year. I got some MSC swag like MSC can wraps, MSC mousepads, MSC pens, lanyards etc.

I actually felt a little bad for the recruiter, as there were lots of people there who didn’t have a clue as to the work they had ahead of them in regards to all the qualifications they needed to get. “I’d make a good engineer, I work in HVAC. Can’t you hire me and train me up?”

no I was at the job fair at cma today and MSC was there the recruiters said they only recruit jobs they have listed on their website