MSC Michigan VII - Out of Control, Charleston

Some??? O come on , do not be so modest this time.

I work with numbers. So during my 4 month contract I do several berthing ops .Docking/ undocking . And "I do " is an exageration as I am witnessing by more or less passive participation is more precise description.

The continental pilot UK or other is doing during this time 100 times or even more such ops on different vessels . So i have no problem in figuring out and saying loud and clear who has more hands on experience in ship handling in ports/rivers/canals. Simple as that.

Therefore I consider the statement " master knows his ship better then others" as a complete nonsense as far as docking/undocking is concerned ESPECIALLY when the practice of pernanent masters was abolished by the managing shore side slackers due to obvious reasons and ass covering thechniques .Pernanent master is unwelcomed witness of their screw ups and negligence.

As far as handling in the open sea i may agree. My rating of pilots is different . I distinguish : very arrogant, less arrogant , arrogant and normal dudes . Is it fair description/rating ??? .Surely not as it is my subjective opinion based on decades of experence.

But what I have observed on all continents and places is that the number of normal dudes in the south and far east is greater then in European and N.American areas. But as I say it is my private experience and observation.

Same can apply to masters. there are very assertive dudes,assertive , less assertive , normal and meek dudes - the majority

. I am assertive because appart from signing and stamping pilot papers i read the fine print on the backside and make a copy for record keeping and further carefull study

…I do not think i need to explain to You all the exculpatory clauses contained there in and I am 100|% certain You know by heart all the provisions of the document mentioned in the pic. below.

But never a Pilot left my ship w/o beeing very well fed ( even at night there is a plate of delicious sandwitches and cookies available) and empty handed (bottle or cigarettes). NEVER!!! . .


I guess we are speculating that the Pilot/Master did the right thing because it turned out fine. But playing Monday morning quarterbacks IMO is not appropriate until all the facts are known. The USCG report should be out hopefully shortly. To press or not to press the e-stop …… that is the question.
PS: One of these days I will post a couple of stories on arrogant (not assertive … but really a piece of work) masters on the jokes page.

BTW I also think the engineers could have taken control from the emergency engine side maneuvering while operating. If I remember correctly it entails moving up the fuel rack to the current position, move the telegraph to the match the bridge and engage the emergency for a bumpless transfer. And then reduce rpm to the bridge command.
Possibly this was discussed with the Master/Pilot and was decided not take any chances. Dali incident outcome was probably on their minds.

Wonder when they will let her loose.

All the best Spo

THX. Positive things happen to positive thinkers :joy: and I am the one who is always looking for the pony. (see or hear old Ronald Reagan joke abt pony) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Interesting study/poster :
poster_ship_wake.pdf (

Not that I understand all of it, but interesting nevertheless.

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Looks like the vessel is still rotting alongside. Anybody have any updates if she will be departing? Thanks.

When NTSB is done with investigation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Monitor Port of Charleston on vsl Finder. ETA ETD given there . Meantime watching the speeds of arrivals and departures of equivalent size/ draft. All very careful at 8-9 max slowing to 6 near other berths. Cheers

You mean they’re doing what they are supposed to be doing, and what this ship would have done if it didn’t have some mechanical issue?


Vessel is still alongside. Strange.

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Master is waiting for Port of Charlston Public Service Award. Just for fun calculate with( 100 K usd hire rate) +port costs, crew wages, fuel, claims for delay, service disruption, legal fees-the whole shebang. Add on top 500K+ shore damages and other minor claims. I can not resist WOW!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Like the saying goes, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Has it been converted into museum named “ship of horrors” ?


W/o any updates from reliable sources my conspiracy mind starts spinning .

That terminal is adjacent to the FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), so I would imagine it serving as a training ground for Customs and Border Patrol as well as the U.S. Coast Guard while it is detained. As for why it has been there this long, one can only speculate. I would be inclined to think that either the USCG found a list of other deficiencies or they are not letting it leave until the check clears for all the damage they did. Or both.


And not to forget NTSB is also involved. Good way to spend taxpayer money.