Mr Cavo

JD, I need to ask a personal favor of you. If you get a minute,could you check this out for me.?
I have been studing the Marine Safety Manual and stumbled across something…In Volume III , titled : Marine Industry Personnel…page 2-7, figure 2-1, is the chart to help NMC evaluators determine prior US Naval sea time…
.When I applied for my origanal MML , I was given 60% based on my sea transcript’s…I was told that the Navy rates that were close to deck ratings were only given 60 %…This chart shows 100% in my Navy rating, as Quartermaster and has three XXX’s in the box next to it indicating that the rate was very much related to a merchant seaman’s job…Also it shows that anyone above E-4 should be credited with time equivelant to a mate…I had over 18 months as an E-5…Am I entitled to more of that time?
Thank you ,JD

All of your sea service as a QM 3/2 should be coutable towards a license however, that number is then multiplied by .6 to give you 60% of it. This is because they figure that’s about how much of your sea duty was actually spent “at sea”. This is how they eleminate the time spent in up-keep, overhaul, etc etc. If you had 18 months as QM2 on sea duty as QMOW then they are going to give you 10.8 months for that. Unless maybe your ship was hard steaming most or all of that time and you can prove it. I had to work as AB to get my 90 days recency cuz I retired from Shore duty - looking back on that I’m glad I did because that experience was worth it even though I may not have thought so going to it. Cheers, Jeffrox QMC(SS) USN/Ret

Having been through the experience already, do you think it would be pushing the issue ( too much of a know-it-all) if I highlighted specific qualifications, schools, jobs, etc. from my service record and wrote the applicable sections of MSM, CFR, STCW, etc that I think might apply, then submit those pages with my application? IMHO, I’d be helping the process, but it’s not MY opinion that counts! Retired Rat DCC(SW/AW) Ret.

QMC (SS) Jeffrox, I pretty much figured it was the 60% …After I had read that section though , I had to ask…The part about the QMOW , will that just count towards time in a supervisory position when you try to upgrade? Or raise in grade?..Or how about any credit towards that RFPNW…??
My ship was a hard charger and we were gone constantly but it will take some doing to prove it…I just received my MMD with AB Unlim…and like you I think some time on deck will be well spent…Thank you Chief…

Retired Rat,
My application package was over 500 pages. I included everything from my service record. I even included all my PQS books, bluenose andshellback certificates, all letters, commendations, awards, etc… Even if I didn’t think it was useful I left that up to NMC to decide.
I asked for more than what I thought I would get but wound up getting approved for everything I asked for.

By all means, include EVEYTHING!

A lot of the PQS has been superseded or now they’ve consolidated about 12 ship classes into 1 book. Think it’ll be OK as a reference point, as long as I have page 4’s showing the original qual?

Retired Rat,
I thought the same thing but I went ahaed and sent in a copy of the actual book. Although the page 4 sayswhat you qualified for but it does not list the tasks completed in order to qualify. I proceeded with the assumption that the evaluators are not well versed about the Navy’s qualification standards for particular watchstations or duties. I equated the actual line item signatures with the assessments. I wanted to provide them the opportunity to cross reference PQS signatures with Assessment signatures. I don’t know if it actually helped or not; my thinking was that I wanted to give the evaluator every opportunity to approve what I was asking for.
Since I had so much information in my application, I provided a brief cover note which included a table of contents and I made sure each item in the package was clearly marked.
I am a firm believer that you can never provide too much information when it comes to license applications. Let them determine what they need from what you provide.

Good Luck

This is outside of my work, and I don’t know the answer. The 60% is definitely related to the lower proportion of underway time, the MSM table addresses the relevance of the Navy billet to the merchant mariner credential. I’m not going to be able to track down a more authoriatative answer for awhile, probably not until after Thanksgiving.

Shellback7, the eval of your Navy deeds will count as credit towards the 1st license test they let you sit for. After you get that 1st license you wont be using your Navy time ever again, so take CaptMikes advice, get all the credit you can before taking that 1st test, give them EVERYTHING and catalog it all orderly so it’s easy to discern.

Mr Cavo, thanks for responding…I knew it was out of you’re area…No sweat…I already planned on some deck time and thats good for me…It’ll all work out in the long run…Have a nice Thanksgiving…

Jeff, I think I’ll let it go and get some deck time in…I need it anyway…Thank you

You wouldn’t happen to have an electronic copy of that cover letter you’d be willing to share?? I think I’m gonna be somewhere in the 500-600 page range as well. If I’m gonna bury them in paper, the least I could do is give 'em a map!


Retired Rat,
Unfortunately I don’t. My computer crashed since then and I lost my files.
I pretty much tried to follow the USCG checklist and put thing in order relating to the info on the checklist. Once that was done it took about half a day to mark everything and make a “table of contents”.

Hey Rat, a suggestion that might save you time and aggravation. Norleen Schumer has a service that you could use. She’s retired from USCG REC Seattle, was an evaluator there for years and can get you all squared away. I’ve used her services and recommend her, especially if you’ve got a huge, messy application to submit. You’ll pay, but how nice to throw it all in a FedEx box and let her sort it out.