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Has anyone completed the cel nav course at MPT recently? Thoughts? Any tips? As far as I can understand, the course satisfies upgrading 1600 ton mate or master near coastal to oceans without any further testing at the REC but correct me if I’m wrong. TIA

I don’t believe you are correct. No course is actually required to upgrade from NC to Ocean, as long as you have the offshore sea time. But you do have to pass a test at the REC for both celnav and general. The courses for celnav are only to prepare you for the test.

If you hold a ticket less than 1600 grt you should be able to test at the school…I’d be surprised if mpt is not approved by the uscg for that course. Unlimited licenses have to test at the REC.

I ran into a pitfall with my stcw when i got oceans. The course i took at a different school did not meet the stcw requirements so i had to end up getting assessments done down the line, but i did not have to test at the uscg. I would double check with mpt if the course will remove your near coastal limitation on your stcw as well as confirming whether or not you have to test at the rec.

Ask for a copy of the NMC approval letter for the course (the letter, not the certificate). Read the approval from the NMC before you commit to make sure it is approved for what you need, there are more than one type of celestial navigation course, and not al;l are approved for the near coastal to oceans exams. If the school balks, go elsewhere. A reputable school will have no issue providing the letter to you.

A course is not required, but there are many courses that are approved to substitute for the exam. They are in lieu of the exam, they are not to prepare for the exam. If you take one of these courses, you do not have to take the test at the REC.

Thanks for the help. I’ve contacted them to make sure that their course satisfies both the national and stcw portions of the upgrade from NC to oceans. I have also had the opportunity to complete the proper cel nav assements on board my vessel, so I should be covered either way for the OICNW upgrade. My company needs oceans ASAP so I am choosing to do the course and use the ceritificate to get the NC restriction removed from my 1600 ton mate immediately but also plan on studying for the 2 modules for the 3M upgrade and hopefully soon after going to test so that I can remove the near coastal restriction on my 3M license.

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MPT is one of the largest and best schools. Few other schools even come close. No worries there.

If you have a 1600 masters or mates license, all you have to do is take the course at whatever school offers is and then submit the cert you get when you pass, no testing at REC is required.

If you have a 3rd or higher then you have to test at the REC. Also, if you plan to upgrade from a 1600 to a 3rd and have the oceans on your 1600, you will have to test cel nav at the REC, for some reason is does not carry over, I am currently dealing with that on my own.

I guess I was thinking that testing at REC was required for anything above 200. Does anyone know where in the CFR’s it states that testing at the REC is required for above 1600?

It’s not in the CFR, it’s policy (NVIC 3-14), not a regulation. See para4.b.2.ii at the top of page 2.

So I thought. Apparently their cel nav class only covers an upgrade to oceans for 1600 master and not mate. Mate would still have to test at the REC. Their website advertises that it covers master and mate without any further testing at the REC but allegedly this is not the case.

MPT is out of the question for me…thinking about the cel nav class at falck in Houma. Any thoughts or experiences at that school?

That’s strange the USCG approved course list says you don’t need to go to the REC for testing. Even if you did have to go to the REC, it’s only a 15 question test with an 80% passing requirement.

How about Mid Atlantic Maritime? This should cover you, and no REC testing.

It is strange. I spoke with two different people and they said this is a mistake and it will be changed on their website. I will be testing regardless to get oceans added to my 3M but in the meantime I need it added to my 1600 immediately for work reasons. Knocking out two birds with one stone by being able to upgrade my 1600 mate right away and also getting a test prep in to eventually go test for oceans on my 3M. You’re right it’s a 15 question test and also the 20 question nav gen test.

I’ve consideres MAMA but their next upcoming class doesn’t coincide with my work schedule.

Bummer. Good luck to you. Hopefully this shutdown will be over soon and you’ll be able to get that sticker in the mail for your MMC on time.

Ask the school for a copy of the most recent approval letter from NMC and verify for yourself.

I have multiple times and they direct me to the NMC list of approved courses. They don’t seem to want to give up the approval letter.

Tell them you refuse to take the class if they won’t provide the approval letter.

Have you done both sets of celestial assessments (OICNW and Master)?

I have the operation level oicnw assesments completed for celestial. I believe there are 6.

There are more for Master Less Than 3,000 GT. See NVIC 11-14.