MMC Tonnage Apply to Private Vessels?

Does anyone know whether the tonnage limit on my license (50 ton Masters Inland) would prevent me from accepting a paid position to skipper a private vessel of 61 gross tons for the owner and his family, if the vessel is not for hire/charter and will not have paying passengers on board?

I asked the NMC who referred me to my local Coastguard Sector office but no response from them as yet. Just don’t want to accept the job if it will put me in violation of the regs. and put my license at risk.

Thanks for any insight anyone may be able to offer.

I believe that is your answer. If you accept the offer, you’ll be a private captain operating the owner’s vessel for his enjoyment. No paying passengers in the picture so I don’t believe any license is even required. His insurance company may ask you to provide a copy of your certificate to make sure he’s not turning his boat over to his mentally unstable legally blind accident prone drug addled cousin.
I would confirm this with @jdcavo

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Not me, it’s not my area of expertise. Try the Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance.

You’re fine, under 200 gross register tons in uninspected, non passenger, non international service on US waters. No comment on state water requirements.

I would think you are ok. Most pilot boats don’t technically require a licensed operator by law, but they hire licensed captains for insurance purposes and really it’s the same deal in your case.