Mitsubishi Selfjector SJ30GH Multi-monitor

Good day fellow engineers. I’m an apprentice and I’m having trouble with the multi-monitor on an SJ purifier. I want the monitor to display revolution number and W/H pressure alongside with inlet temp. And outlet pressure. The instruction book doesnt make much sense to me, I pressed the up and down keys together but it only displays the revolution number for a few seconds before switching back to temperature and inlet pressure. Am I doing something wrong? Some help would be greatly appreciated.

The best way to solve a problem with an SJ is to replace it with a GEA Westfalia or an Alfa Laval!

In all seriousness though, I only worked with SJ’s briefly and wasn’t impressed, and I do recall the manual being less than useful. I can’t answer your question about changing the display. But I’d strongly recommend installing some physical analog gauges. I’m all for technology, but when that tech is overly cumbersome sometimes it’s easier to just look at a gauge while manipulating valves.

W/H Pressure?

Well I kinda like them for their simplicity and they work pretty well if you take care of them but the manual is completely useless!

Water/heavy liquid pressure. That sensor on the circulation line.

Gotcha. Very familiar with SJ30 and SJ50 but not with that setting. I had mine set up to read Throughput, Backpressure and Temp. Goodluck.