Hey, Good day. I am in a big problem.
Pls help me out. We have alfa level MFPX 307 purifier . After starting it’s bowl closing water leaking slowly and abt 2 minutes bowl open and oil leaking. We open almost 10-12 time. Tried in several way after changing o’ring. But facing same problem.
Pls suggest me… Urgently :sweat:
Thanks in advance

Ask yourself how can the closing water get out from under the sliding bowl bottom. Does your model have the nylon valve plugs on the operating slide? Did you replace those? Do they look worn or damaged?

Are you sure the closing water supply is good?

Thank you for ur reply sir.
Yes, I’ve changed nylon valve plug, Although they were in good condition.
Closing water supply i guess good, i even manually open solenoid v/v for supply closing water.

I don’t have the manual for your model but if it has the same control scheme as some other models in that range the closing water solenoid should open during normal operation periodically. I can’t remember the timing but you can try a gauge in the closing water line and see if it ticks up now and then. That is to make sure the bowl stays closed. I have experienced a failure where the PLC digital output module that included that closing water solenoid output failed. With out that periodic replenishment the bowl would open between cleaning shots.

Can you check power to solenoid is periodically applied? Somewhere in the manual in control section the timing is given.

If you are positive there are no assembly errors you could try fitting a manual valve in the closing water supply and give it a shot of water every 3 min (?) or so and see if the unit stays in operation.

No problems with any control water filters or strainers being dirty?

Keep at it. Good luck.

yea, I’d suspect the drain valve. Had that prob before, one night the bilge filled 3" deep with fuel. the watch stander who runs thru with hands over ears didn’t see it, may not of known it was diesel. I never got along with that purifier after that!