Purifier samgong alarm NO-SHUT

Hello guy,
After working on the vertical shaft of a SJ85 HFO (Heavy fuel Oil), i completed an overhaul on the shaft and the bowl but when startnig the SJ85 the alarm NO-SHUT appears. The bowl speed diminish after the feeding cycle begins. Can someone help me?

Been a while since I worked on those… are you getting an amp drop as well as a speed drop when it feeds?

Alarm seems like the bowl isnt closing properly, is it breaking over when it feeds? Does it shoot properly?

Silly question, but did you do anything with the motor during the rebuild?

Starting feeding we have a drop in speed of the bowl and the alarm comes no-shut.
We replaced the friction clutch and maintain the bowl completely with new overhaul kit.

Also the tally mark is not possible to adjust properly. Any time we try to tighten it may seems impossible to turn the bowl. We need to release a bit to enable the bowl to turn.

Double check the clutch pads are installed in correct direction, also check that the motor wasnt wired up backwards… sorta sounds like the clutch is either backwards or spinning backwards

Sounds like its time to take apart the shaft again and double check the install