Misdemeanor conviction...trying to upgrade Captain License

Looking for some answers please.
I currently hold a OUPV 6 Pack License. I have enough hours to upgrade to a 50 tons masters.
I got my 6-pack in November 2017.
Here’s my problem. I walked in on my girlfriend and another guy on July 4, 2018. I fight with guy happened and I got charged with misdemeanor battery and convicted in September 2019. I want to upgrade my license to a Masters bc I have a lot of opportunities right now but am worried. My questions are:
Will I be able to upgrade to Masters license with a misdemeanor battery conviction from September 2019?

Will USCG take my 6 pack license if I try to upgrade and get denied right now?

Should I wait a year and upgrade next September when my one year probation is over?

Really not sure what to do because I had a DWI conviction back in 2014 and that was no issue on me getting my license in 2017.

Any advice or experience is much appreciated.

Hire a license consultant for sure. Google Holly Cheta or Andy Hammond.

Thank you