Midwater Longliners - Fishing Vessel

Hi, I’m graduate student of Naval Architecture and for my M.Sc. thesis i have to project this type of fishing vessel (maximum lenght 30m). I was trying to find some body plans for midwater longliners, but it was without results.

Here is some characteristics of this kind of fishing vessel (copied from FAO):

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[B]Deck Type[/B] - Decked vessels.
[B]Overview[/B] - Midwater longliner are generally medium sized vessels operating worldwide and purpose built to catch large pelagics. The line hauler is usually placed on the star-board side forward and a gate in the rail is provided to haul in the fish. A baiting table and a chute are located on the stern, from where the lines are set. The basic requirements of this type of vessels are:
adequate speed to reach far away fishing grounds,
enough endurance to conduct continued fishing in distant oceans,
facility for very efficient freezing storage to keep the highly valued catch,
suitable machineries to shoot and haul up longlines quickly and proper storage facilities for keeping the fishing gears and accessories.
[B]Deck Arrangement[/B] - The wheelhouse can be situated aft or forward, but on larger vessels the bridge is generally placed aft. In typical arrangements the gear is hauled from the bow or from the side with a mechanical or hydraulic line hauler and the lines are set over the stern. To avoid incidental catches of seabirds outboard setting funnel are installed on longliners. This funnel guides the line from the setting position on the stern down to 1-2 m depth.
[B]Catch Handling and Processing Equipment[/B] - Freezing.


[B]Deck Equipment[/B] - In general the longline systems consists of rail roller, dehooker and hook cleaner, line hauler, hook separator, storage rack or drum. Different types of baiting machines makes the operation more efficient. Brine freezing tanks are typical equipment for midwater longliner.
[B]Fish Detection Equipment[/B] - More important as echosounders are temperature sensors in midwater longlining.
[B]Fishing Gear[/B] - Midwater longlines.


Does anyone know where can i find some body plans?

Thanks in advance!

don’t know about a body plan but here is a nice GA of this one:


I would think the underwater hull form would not be hard to render

In new england, a longliner for large pelagics is like this:

best i could find on that link, despite it being a whacky sail rig idea and a scalloper, basically the same hull as a longliner, dragger etc.

They are no different than any other fishing boat in these parts. usually hard chined, single screw, steel, basic, basic, basic. often built down in the bayooo.

thank you very, very much!!!