Metson Marine

Anyone know about Metson? They have a web page but its kinda lacking in info. Merry Christmas to all.

I think Metson primarily operates vessels for the Department of Defense. They are based in Ventura, California and I’m told they crew up target vessels, and/or tow target vessels/barges operating in the Pacific Missile Test Range out of Port Hueneme. I believe they might also provide support services for the military ops at San Nicholas and San Clemente Islands, and do similar work out in Hawaii including torpedo retrieval.

I applied with this company about 8 years ago, and the VP of West Coast Operations, Mr. Thanasi Randopoulos was friendly and responsive to my inquiry, although I did not end up working for them.

Very low pay!

yea i figured that out. they emailed me about a tankerman spot, it was in the mid 200$ silly rabbits