Merry Christmas 2008


Wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I will be spending both at work as usual. I hope the new year brings us all prosperity and happiness.


Same to you Lee, I will be out here for both as well. Hope the new gig is working out well.


Merry Christmas to all of you too, I’ll be at work for Christmas and going home on New Year’s Day.


I love Christmas when it comes around

The smells and tastes, the sights and sounds

I love the Christmassy Cinnamon smells

The Carol singers and chiming church bells

I love to see the advent candle burning

The excited faces all the children yearning

I love the gifts done up with ribbons and bows

And Red faced Santa’s calling ho ho ho

I love the merry songs about the season of Yule

And handmade decs brought home from school

I love trimming the tree with festive things

Like candy canes and popcorn strings

I love the twinkling of the Christmas lights

And the garlands hanging colourful and bright

But the thing that makes the season for me

Is the Christmas card from Gay Ass Captain Lee


I’ll be reporting aboard on the 22nd, just in time for the festivities. Leave it to us sailors to not be “politically correct.” I get so sick of hearing “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings.” Thank you all for saying MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Right back at ya!


Jovial Chrismakwanzakah.


A Seafaring Santa


Twas The Night Before Christmas

On The Converted T-2

The Crew Was All Sleeping

There Was Nothing To Do

Our Stockings Were Hung

Round The Boiler With Care

Not For No Special Reason

Cept They Dry Better There

I Was Lying Half Dozing

All Snug In My Rack

The Porthole Was Open

A Breeze On My Back

When All Of A Sudden

Much To My Surprise

I Heard Sleigh Bells Ringing

Somewhere In The Skys

I’m Cracking. I Thought

Or Dreaming, Or Both

But As I Lay Thinking

A Hearty Voice Spoke

"On Bonnie, On Rubbie

On Suzy. On Jean

On Rose, On Trixie

On Sweet Genevieve

On Cindy , On Lois

On Gertrude , On Mae

That Don’t Sound Like No Reindeer

I Thought With Dismay

I Jumped To The Porthole

Not Believing My Eyes

A 40 Foot Sailboat

Was Filling The Sky

It Was Decked Real fancy

With Pine Trees And Bright Light

And 11 Cute Ladies

Dressed In Red And In White

And Out On The Bow

Just As Fat As Could Be

Stood St Nick And An Elf

They Were Checking Our Lee

And Once They Decided

With The Wink Of An Eye

They Dropped To The Ocean

Right Out Of The Sky

I Ran Up The Stairwell

And Right Out On Deck

They Were Having Some Trouble

Making Fast To Our Wreck

So I Dropped Them A Laddder

And I Lowered A Line

And Pulled Up 4 Seabags

And 9 Cases Of Wine

St. Nick Was A Strange One

Not Like Pictures I’d Seen

With Tattoos And An Earring

Now What Could This Mean

I’m The Seafaring Santa!

He Said With A Grin

Then Tossed Me A Gallon

Of Beefeaters Gin

He Yelled “Call All Hands”

We’ve Got Partying To Do

I’ve Still Got One Ship

Off The Coast Of Peru

So I Ran Down Below

Calling All Who Could Hear,

Someone Threw A Boot.

Caught Me Right On The Ear

Well When I Came Too

The Ship Was A Wreck,

With Quart Jugs And Seamen

Sprawled All Over The Deck

And Up In The Heavens

Just A Speck To My Eye

The Sailboat Was Sailing

Off Into The Sky

Christmas Morning Was Quiet

Aboard Our Lost Ship

The Crew Wasn’t Talking

They Were All Very Sick

And No One But Me

Could Remember That Night

Except That They Partyed

And Had A Big Fight

There Might Have Been Girls

But Their Memory Was Hazy

And They Finally Decided

I Was Most Likely Crazy

And Now I Will Leave You

My Story Is Through

But Before I Get Going

Let Me Say This To You

If You’re Out On The Ocean

On That Night Of The Year

And Your Being Forgotten

Is Your One Biggest Fear

Just Remember Who’s Coming

And You Will See I Was Right

Now Merry Christmas My Brother

And To All A Good Night
(Stolen from Kelly DeMello’s post on the MMA Alumni Talk group)


Merry Christmas to all…
This was few years ago but nothing like Christmas in Mexico…Please no yachtie jokes…lol…


I guess you’re the chihuahua?


Good guess…now, drop the chulupa and back away !!


Shellback7 how did you post that picture? Are we still having to send those to John or am I just missing something?


CA…I clicked the browse button at the botton and went into my pictures…Double clicked the pic , hit the post button…that was it…
Did you see what anchorman insinuated? I guess at least he didn’t pick on my boat or my wife…But my dog??? Geez …some peoples children…<img alt="" src=“” />


Zoey, has more sea time than most her size…


Now that’s a scary fucking sight, and would make me run right back down below.
Attachments. D’oh. I must really be tired. Thanks!!




Merry Christmas from me and the Raiderettes!




Merry Christmas all!!!
I am working through the new year, but my family made it to her parents in Ohio and they are enjoying it and thinking of me. So, I guess it is worth it getting stuck working because I could give that to them


Merry Christmas to all and many thanks for your support in 2008!

[img]" alt=“gCaptain Holiday Card” />


John, I didn’t know you were a rag picker…good for you!
Merry Christmas…