MERPAC Vancancies

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Coast Guard
[Docket No. USCG–2009–0325]
Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory
Committee; Vacancies
AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS.
ACTION: Request for applications.
SUMMARY: The Coast Guard seeks
applications for membership on the
Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory
Committee (MERPAC). This Committee
advises the Coast Guard on matters
related to the training, qualification,
licensing, certification, and fitness of
seamen serving in the U.S. merchant
DATES: Completed application forms
should reach us on or before July 15,
ADDRESSES: You may request an
application form by writing to Mr. Mark
Gould, Assistant to the Designated
Federal Officer (DFO) for MERPAC, at
Commandant (CG–5221), U.S. Coast
Guard, 2100 Second Street, SW.,
Washington, DC 20593–0001. Please
submit applications to the same address.
Also, a copy of the application form, as
well as this notice, is available in our
online docket, USCG–2009–0325, at Send your
completed application, along with a
personal resume, to the Assistant DFO
at the street address above.
Mark Gould, Assistant to DFO of
MERPAC; telephone 202–372–1409 or email

This is important stuff, thanks for posting A. I wouldn’t mind seeing a gCaptain or two on some of these committees.

MERPAC positions are for specifically designated representatives, e.g. “public” “merchant marine officer deck” “maritime academy” “maritime labor” etc. You need to belong to the specific group the individual vacancy is for to be considered. I’ll try to find out what seats are being filled.

Even if you aren’t “on” MERPAC, you can actively participate. The work of MERPAC is done the day before the “official” meeting, in working groups. The working groups are open to anyone.

I have gone to a couple of these meetings and tried to stay in contact so that I could have some say so as to what was being discussed but I lost touch with the actual committee members. Can anyone recommend a way to stay informed and a way to input comments if one is offshore most of the time and not able to go to all the meetings?