Mercy Ships

Anybody know anything about Mercy ships and how it might be to work for them? Any experiences/stories?

A good friend sailed for them. You pay your own way, can bring your family along, and collect U/L seatime while doing good works.

So there’s no salary? I saw a job posting that said the salary was negotiable.

If there is any its vary little.
At most they might send an OS to school to get his AB.
I looked into it when I was an OS, seeing that there was a sarly for ship’s personel. I would have been happy with about a $1000 a month to just cover basic expense, but they didnt do anything.
They are a good organization and do a lot of good, but I feel the postions are geard more for those who are retired but dont want to sit at home all day, or are indpendantly wealthy.

I’m trying to locate information as to the
whereabouts of my son, Gregory Ferris, a
Massachusetts Maritime Academy graduate.

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