Has anyone sailed with Mercy Ships?

I received an email today from Mercy Ships (see link)


I’m curious if anyone here has sailed with them?

Or in any other volunteer capacity?

I’d love to do it- but can’t afford to take off for a few months- but maybe in the future…:slight_smile:

I was thinking about it and I knew there was no pay but when I studied their website I found that not only do they not pay you, YOU have to pay them!

Yeah- I saw that:(

I’d love to volunteer- but can’t afford to “pay to work” right now.

Maybe next year…

knew a AB thru my chruch that did this…6 months on I believe…cost was rt air fare, r&b, insurance, personal items…cost was $1k p/m more or less…the man was devote so my chruch assisted…I believed he married a nurse from the Neatherlands and now resides there.

I have sailed with a couple of guys who have worked there. One was truly involved with the church and gave freely. The other was pathetic and wanted to hit on the nurses. Both of them succeeded in their missions.


the second guy I may have known…he sailed deepsea I work “boats”…man did seem a little lonely but sincere to his mission…I suspect if he had other motives he was not the first…seems like a place to find a “good” women…might have something there…I might try it myself out someday…sure beats most of the alternatives.

Mercy Ships was one of the greatest experiences of my life. If anyone has the opportunity and can afford it, this is a life changing positive thing to do. I have not looked at my work or our country quite the same since I spent a month in Ghana in 2006. I think about going back every day. They also have a more modern ship since I was there. Once you see the patients, you know the money was well spent. They say you never go just once and they take people for as short as two weeks. There is a religious component that was not insignificant but I did not see any major partying or hooking up. If you are not comfortable with the daily devotions and such, this might not be for you. All in all, I would STRONGLY recommend it to you.