Mercator sailings help

I have a couple questions with mercator sailings. Number one is it on the 500 ton Masters test? The other question is how do you use table six in bowditch to find M1 and M2?

Unless things have changed in the past 3 years sailings are on the Celestial test not on 500/1600 Masters test.

#1: Look in 46 CFR part 1-40 to find if it is on your test.
#2: Use your latitude (L1) from the question to find M1 and the same for L2 for M2. Then subtract them to find m (add M1 and M2 if crossing the equator).

I had them on my exam back in March for the 500 Oceans. 1 of each. Missed them, but passed the other problems…Too much stuff to memorize, coupled with the regular celestial questions. (I just couldn’t afford to miss anything else!)