MEPC Meeting on emission control


What better way to reduce carbon from shipping use than wind power?:


A deal may be signed today:


A long term view of what MAY happen as a result of the new IMO rules on emission:


Some more immediate ways to reduce fuel consumption and fuel costs:


Methanol as an alternative to meet 2020 requirements??:

Or LPG??:

Scrubbers?? Not for now:

And LNG is NOT the answer:


More scepticism to LNG as the marine fuel of the future:


A truly international shipping man, Esben Poulsson, a Dane living in Singapore and working for a Greek Ship management company, is taking on his second term as head of International Shipping Association (ICS) as the deadline for the sulphur cap approaches:

PS> He is also the head of Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) and has been so for several years now.


Yeah, I was skeptical too. Then an industry guy came to the CMarE meeting, and I was like… that is not what I thought it was. I thought it was going to be made out of agri-products. I was like… that’s a stupid way to use fertile land. It isn’t made from agri-products. Its made from natural gas. Its LNG without the cryo… you can just put it in your tank and cover it with inert gas, and off you go. It really aught to be the next big thing.


Methanol is also a by product of wood pulp production, thus known as wood alcohol:
I would think Canada has a ample supply??


With a boiling point of 64.7C (148.5F) the volatility gives me pause. But then again as LNG becomes more and more used as a viable fuel I suppose appropriate safeguards and procedures will be in place. Then again I have a drum of the stuff sitting in my driveway as I explore the possibility of making biodiesel.


Wartsila and Teekay join forces to design new fuel efficient Shuttle tanker:


Maybe this is te future fuel for ships??
Collect your own source of fuel as you go:


Back to coal as fuel for ships??:

No Stokers will be required though.


Nano technology MAY be the answer to meet the 0.5% sulphur limit:


More in depth explanation of Nano fuel in Splash 24/7 today:


This should gladden the hearts of IMO critics:


Interesting headline:

But they have NOT invented a pill to get rid of sulphur in HFO, only a new way to make money from other people’s agony.

Re-investing profit from (overpriced??) pills for diabetes 2 sufferers?


From Maasmond Newsclippings today:


More on the sulphur cap issue. I don’t know how this will affect US domestic shipping and the offshore industry, but here is some guidelines from ICS on the matter for those in overseas trade of vessels burning HFO/MFO:


Here may be an answer to at least one of the questions asked: