MEPC Meeting on emission control


One more possible marine fuel of the future:

Like Hydrogen it would be a carbon neutral provided renewable energy is used to produce it.


IMO is working on rules for methanol as fuel for ships:
It is already widely carried as cargo on OSVs and used as fuel on a few ships.


From Fairplay today:


One of the obstacles for LNG as fuel for ships is the limited bunkering facilities around the world.
This may be a step towards making LNG more available by standardising regulations to take some uncertainties out of the equation:


Even harbour tugs are going green around the world:,lng-on-the-menu-for-terminal-tugs_54365.htm


The scramble for scrubbers are on and some are making a killing:


Next step will be to capture and store carbon dioxide (CO2) on board and deliver it ashore, to be injected into old oil and gas wells for permanent storage??
Fluor is planning to test their capture method at Mongstad in Norway, with a grant from US Department of Energy:


Update and clarifications on the MEPC 73 meeting:


US will be the big winner from the IMO 0.5% sulphur rule according to this article:

Are you tired of winning yet??


Trump wants to delay implementation of IMO 2020:

The world is going to hell, but that is not as important as a US election apparently.


Are open loop scrubbers a dead end and a wast of money??: