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forum whore
Someone who posts a lot on a forum, and usually posts soully to get their post count very high. Commonly with 50+ posts per day, a forum whore usually double- or tripple-posts instead of using the edit button.

FYI: I really do not care at all about post count. I just the like the forum and you all. Hope you enjoy some of my content. I have so many more ideas but just taking it easy and spreading it out on a few forums. On another forum, I am currently participating in hazardous cargo discussions. If you only knew all the things I am into professionally. It goes from different kinds of ships, automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, machinery, safety, technology, home improvement, travel, places around the world, the ocean, history, gardening, beer, and of course having fun just to name a few. I am the type of guy that enjoys learning. I am in general a very positive and upbeat kind of mate. I always enjoy and will go out of my way to help others.